A-NATION is designed to forever change the film industry by accessing the rapidly growing worldwide crypto ecosystem to create films and television for the global market. A-NATION will facilitate a new level of creativity and artistic freedom for filmmakers of all levels and allow the community to benefit from our success while truly being involved in every step of the filmmaking process.

A-FILM utilizes an independent production team to minimize overhead costs and stage upkeep. This empowers A-Nation to invest assets directly into high-quality productions at a fraction of the cost and time.

A-MARKET Limited NFTs directly linked to “A Day On The Set”, Behind-the-Scene, Cast, Character, Red carpet attendance, and Elite access to A-PAD. NFT contract will be coded for a 5% residual, deposited to a charity wallet. The A-NATION community will have consensus through a decentralized voting mechanism to vote for the charity(s) of choice.

A-PAD launchpad that will enable companies or projects to onboard blockchain technology to further improve their ecosystem.

A-VESTED Filmmakers compete for a slot to be funded in an auction using faux trailers (2 to 3 mins short film of their script) which can only be earned by acquiring the most tokens that holders are willing to vest (lock-in tokens for a period of time) into the creator’s project. In exchange for the slots, each winning project will have NFTs minted that will be exchanged for the holder’s vested ANATION tokens. Holders who have vested will receive proportional ownership of project through these NFTs. When film goes into distribution, tokens will be unlocked and returned to holders.

A-INCUBATE Developers, creators, designers, and entrepreneurs with unique ideas can access this platform to leverage A-Nation’s Ecosystem, bringing their unique ideas from creation to fruition.

A-MEDIA Independent filmmakers, underground artists, low budget projects, and all the underserved groups and individuals in every form of media outlets can monetize their projects on A-NATION’s streaming platform.

A-CHAIN onboarding of its ecosystem on its own blockchain, allowing full implementation of the technology which includes transparency, democratic governance, piracy protection, middlemen reduction, vertical integration, and most importantly, reclamation of one’s privacy. This blockchain will be the case study that demonstrates how this revolutionary technology can improve all facets of society.